Growing up in Golden Bay I studied the shores, the turning tides and the changing land of this special part of Aotearoa. I went on to study fine arts at Otago Polytechnic. I finished my degree with a sculpture major, a painting interest and a wanderlust.






The next part of my life took me to other lands; traveling and exploring. I settled for a time in Edinburgh, Scotland where painting and drawing best suited my nomadic lifestyle. I also spent time in Umbria, Italy working with a local potter. Some ceramic pieces I produced there formed part of my multimedia installation (S)capes. This was exhibited in a group show in England and was my first opportunity outside of art school to combine the two mediums of painting and sculpture.


Beginning a slow migration to Aotearoa with my Scottish partner, we lived for a year in Melbourne, Australia, where I focused on painting. These paintings I exhibited back in Golden Bay on arriving home. We settled in Wellington and with a studio set up at home I had the opportunity to continue my artistic endeavors whilst also working; for a time as a picture framer and then manager of an art supplies store. In this time I exhibited paintings, installations and drawings, worked on collaborative projects and also learned a great deal about art materials.


Our first daughter was born in Wellington, and when pregnant with our second we made the decision to move right back to where I started. Now resettled in Golden Bay with my beautiful family I feel my journey has come full circle as I take in the same shoreline and landforms that inspired my art from the beginning.


Even as I traveled, this land remained my muse and inspiration. Through my art I investigate my own connection to the land. My multimedia installations use spaces to explore human relationships to their surroundings. My interest in the polarities between owning and belonging to the land is a recurring theme of my paintings. And recently I have been using botanical studies of New Zealand natives as a metaphor for human behavior and characteristics as I deepen my exploration of this place I call home.


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